Karin Hassle Art Glass

Karin Hassle was born 1960 in Stockholm, growing up together with her family in San Fransisco, USA, then moving back to Sweden.

To make a much longer life story shorter but still telling though about Karin getting a family with two kids, moving from Stockholm to the countryside outside Stockholm, building her own studio, life led Karin towards educating herself within the artistic area. She started with one year textile school of arts, continuing one year ceramics, finally learning how to create artglass in kilns. At this stage Karin was already 40 years old.

Just like the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking, Emil and many others), who Karin admires very much, she has no really good schools and was much ”too old” when starting off her artistic career. All the same she was quite successful so far, being able to establish her own studio, live from her art and getting very good reviews.

Karin finds most of her inspiration from the nature in the surroundings where she lives, close to plants, animals and other beings who recides in the forrest.

In 2013 Karin moved her studio from the countryside of Stockholm, to the heart of the southern part of Stockholm city. She is now teaching others about artglass.